Sun Ra Jazz Messiah

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Jazz music mystic genius Sun Ra, along with his Arkestra, inspired a virtual cottage industry of Ra-reflective bands from Hawkwind and Can to George Clinton’s Parliafunkadelicment Thang. Sun Ra’s musical style was just the tip of a deeply intellectual philosophy that transcended black culture and spoke to all of humanity, and his vision has inspired audiences around the world that continue to this day to follow his perspective.

This book first runs Sun Ra’s profound and interplanetary ideology through the alembic of Mississippi Mahn’s mind to make a statement about the state of the universe; then moves to reportage to determine whether Sun Ra is real or, as some allege, a gimmick; and ends with a lengthy interview with Sun Ra that will let you, dear reader, decide for yourself.

Mississippi Mahn

Mississippi Mahn

About the Author

Mississippi is actually a dedicated writer/editor with prolific skills in the professional world. This project is the first fulfillment of his conscious creative ego to indulge in subjects of his own liking to mask his corporate identity… for now.